3 Reasons to Choose Air Lifting Tools over Electric Tools

When it comes to selecting lifting tools, the overabundance of options can leave buyers feeling puzzled. While electric powered lifting tools have been the go-to choice for most commercial clients, some companies are now shifting toward pneumatic tools because of the additional benefits they offer. pneumatic lifting equipment

Air lifting tools, as the name suggests, use the power of compressed air to move heavy loads. Electric tools, on the other hand, rely on electric power for operation. Unlike electric tools, air powered tools are equipped with a pneumatic motor which continually forces air into a tank that drives the machine.

Here are some reasons why air powered tools can prove to be a better choice over electric powered ones.

Air Lifting Tools Weigh Less

Heavy lifting tools can make transportation of loads a challenging ordeal. The excess weight of the lifting tool itself makes it difficult to reach items that need to be moved. Air powered lifting tools are relatively lighter; this adds to their ergonomic benefits. The weight-to-power ratio of air lifting tools is also better than that of electric tools, which means air lifting tools deliver more torque and a higher RPM while weighing lesser than their electric counterparts.

Cut Down On Operational Costs

The energy consumption of electric lifting devices and corded tools is typically more than that of air powered ones, as these tools primarily use electric power to operate. This makes pneumatic lifting tools a more cost-effective load lifting and material handling solution, as compared to electric tools.

Air Lifting Tools are Safer

Lifting equipment with mobile parts, such as electric tools, are a threat to employee safety and can lead to serious accidents and injuries. Electric tools also come with the risk of electric shock, which can happen if the cords supplying power to the tool are damaged or if the device is inappropriately plugged in. Battery powered tools can lead to electrocution as well, if overused. Air tools, such as air casters and bearings are safer to use, particularly in moisture-prone environments where the risk of electric shock in higher.

Air Lifting Tools

With both air and electric powered tools in the market, it can be difficult to decide which tool fits your requirements. In order to choose the right type of lifting equipment, it’s important to assess the performance parameters of every tool before you make a decision.

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