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Lifting & Load Handling

Load Handling Systems For The Material Handling Equipment Industry


In today’s busy industrial areas and locations, you will always see the need for moving heavy loads and machinery. In fact, this is part of our daily routines, in some cases. Moving heavy loads around our factories, warehouses and other industrial buildings is part and parcel of daily life.

Some companies struggle to do this efficiently and cost-effectively, others invest in specialized equipment that is designed to do exactly as they need: move loads and machines to different areas. Such specialized equipment is available from Hovair Systems of Seattle, who has been manufacturing load handling systems for the Material Handling Equipment Industry since the mid 70s.

However, there are no wheels and casters involved that will damage your floor surfaces during the moving process. This is one of the biggest complaints in the material handling industry: load moving equipment that damages your floor surface thus causing problems for subsequent load moving operation.

Shown below is a typical Hovair square aluminum load handling system set up in a square footprint to resemble the size of the machine it is about to load. When in a state of readiness, simply switch on the air supply to the system and watch the machine rise away from the floor surface ready to be moved safely to its destination.


All Hovair’s Load Handling Systems equipment is pneumatically driven (compressed air) and compress air is usually freely available within your plant or business premises. Simply hook up a 1-inch coupling hose to a Hovair load handling and moving system and you can be in business moving machines and heavy loads around your industrial premises. It really is that easy. Hovair Systems has load handling and moving systems available ranging from one ton through to 100 tons and beyond. If its a machine or heavy load that has awkward shapes and sizes, we can handle those too. Machines of disproportionate weight are also a breeze for Hovair’s load moving equipment.

Lifting Safety is assured. Most machinery that is lifted by Hovair Systems equipment is handled in a smooth lifting motion from a ground clearance to enable the machine to be lifted sufficiently to cause air flotation to take place and allow the machine to be moved as planned. Lift height is always going to be minimal depending on what type of air bearings are being used for the operation. The machines are quite safe when being moved by Hovair Systems machine handling and moving equipment.

Contact us today for full details of all your machine handling and moving needs including pricing, tech specs and any advice you may require. We are sure to have a system to suit your needs.