Why Material Handling Equipment Is Important To Your Operation

Material handling is the art and science of receiving, packing, moving, or storing material in any form. It directly impacts productivity in manufacturing plants, warehouses, and distribution centers.

For most large companies, warehouses are the hub of their operations. The success of their business depends on the efficient and safe transport of products from one warehouse area to another.

An inefficient facility leads to delays, errors, and eroding customer loyalty, making it easier for competition to snatch away business. Here’s how cutting-edge material handling equipment by Hovair Systems helps lower production costs by increasing efficiency in material procurement, movement, and storage.

#1- Reduced Accidents

Most material that moves across the facility floor is heavy and comes in bulk. Moving such materials manually results in product damage and can lead to employee injuries.

As the unit load increases, proper equipment mitigates the risk of employees overexerting themselves when the total weight exceeds their physical limitations.

Having the right equipment significantly reduces the risk of straining, musculoskeletal disorders, and life-altering injuries. Therefore, opting for material handling solutions is the key to improving the safety of all workers at the facility.

#2- Improved Employee Satisfaction

Implementing proper material handling solutions allows workers to perform their jobs safely while ensuring accuracy, ease, and control. This promotes a positive workplace culture and higher employee satisfaction, which also improves retention and productivity. The environment attracts experienced workers with training and experience to handle such systems.

#3- Cost-Savings

Decreasing profit margins is a common goal in industries across the globe. The pandemic has led even more logistics and manufacturing companies to consider ways to reduce costs. While material handling equipment requires a higher initial investment, it helps save money in the long run. These solutions reduce the workforce required to handle materials and help get the work done faster with increased efficiency.

material handling in a facility#4- Maximize Space and Efficiency

Incorporating the right material handling systems helps organize the loads, leading to lower misplaced items in the facility. With automated processes, workers can prioritize projects to increase efficiency and get more work done in less time.

The systems can carry higher unit loads, reducing the trips required to complete the task. Therefore, material handling systems increase not only efficiency but also productivity. Workers can easily handle bulk materials without experiencing fatigue.

#5- Decreased Product Damage

Improper or manual movement of materials and products across the facility can cause product damage. Adequate handling solutions help reduce damage to your parts and materials, which is good for your bottom line. Damaged goods can prove costly in the long run and can impair your reputation, requiring replacement and increased shipping costs. So it’s best to invest in high-quality material handling equipment.

Ready to Invest in Heavy-Duty Material Handling Systems?

Ergonomic equipment by Hovair Systems will reduce injury risk while promoting safe material handling practices regardless of the load’s weight or size.

We offer a wide range of air-powered tools to complete any job with the utmost precision and efficiency. You can rely on our air-powered solutions to move the heaviest loads omni-directionally without requiring lots of force.

Hovair Systems offers premium quality heavy load handling systems, including lifting & rigging equipment, air bearings, air bearing kits, air beams, industrial turntable systems, air casters, vehicle turntables, air bearing modules, air compressor tools, automobile turntables, and many other innovative heavy load carriers for moving heavy machinery.

Give us a call to schedule a free consultation. Our heavy mover experts will guide you throughout the process of making the best choices for heavy load handling systems for your operation.

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