What Are AGVs?

Automated Guided Vehicles (AGV) are self-driving solutions widely used in different industries for diverse material handling applications. The high-quality navigation system follows a specific route or path to transport materials independently. It’s incredibly useful in large warehouses or industrial spaces involving consistent and repetitive movements. AGVs have helped managers in many sectors improve safety protection and autonomous efficiency of heavy loads moving, leading to long-term operational and higher ROI benefits.

How Does the AGV Technology Work?

Automated Guided Vehicles utilize a combination of sensor-based software programs and guidance systems. Since they travel on calculated pathways with speed control precisely, they offer much more efficient and safe movement of materials.

AGVs generally navigate facilities using various technologies for guidance, such as optical sensors, surface-mounted magnetic bars or tapes, lasers, and magnetized inertial guidance. Offering the ability to conveniently program or change routes quickly, AGVs provide material handling solutions that are scalable and flexible.

The Many Used of Automated Guided Vehicles

Material handling systems continue to grow in popularity among industries worldwide. AGVs have become the preferred choice for transporting loads and materials in hospitals, warehouses, distribution centers, food processing plants, and manufacturing facilities.

Any facility operating with consistent and uniform handling needs can reduce labor expenses, eliminate downtime, reduce accidents, and improve overall safety and efficiency by investing in AGVs. They may be used for transporting materials throughout a facility, moving products along assembly lines, pallet handling, and unloading or loading from any means of transport.

Ideal applications include consistent delivery of stable loads or materials, strict material tracking processes, and moving loads over uniform routes and distances. AGVs are suitable for moving small to medium loads, especially when on-time delivery is vital or inefficiencies are causing late deliveries.

Benefits of Automated Guided Vehicles

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Consistent Operational Costs

Since AGVs are mostly acquired on per rental or per unit period cost basis, if not bought, there’s less cost fluctuation compared to human labor, which can fluctuate based on demand and market conditions.

In addition, unlike other solutions, such as conveyor systems, these vehicles require less space. Many models are smaller than traditional load-moving systems, such as forklifts, making them a cost-effective solution for better space utilization and narrow aisles navigation.

Increased Flexibility and Scalability

AGVs now come in options that offer the flexibility of changing routes without requiring re-routing guide wires or other components to adjust the route. They’re also a highly scalable solution because you can add additional units based on demand.

Enhanced Safety

AGVs are a secure automation solution because they’re programmed with safety concerns and equipped with sensors to avoid collisions. They come with lasers, cameras, sensors, and intelligent routing capabilities that enable them to operate safely around the most efficient path, preventing injuries and reducing aisle injuries significantly.

Improved Productivity, Accuracy, and Efficiency

Because AGVs operate autonomously, many inaccurate workflows can be eliminated. This helps reduce waste, saves time, increases output, and makes operations more efficient. When human errors are mitigated, it also helps improve load picking accuracy and minimizes misplaced and lost materials.

Make Material Handling Operations Efficient and Safer with Hovair Systems

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At Hovair Systems, we offer a wide range of automated equipment for handling heavy loads to eliminate the physical rigors of the physically demanding job while setting a productive pace for workers.

Our scalable, flexible, and cost-effective ergonomic equipment includes heavy load carriers, lifting & rigging equipment, air bearings, air casters, air beams, air compressor tools, automated guided vehicles, automobile turntables, and commercial equipment turntables, and many more heavy load management devices.

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