Shipping Air Freight? Optimize Cost with the Right Plastic Pallet

Air pallets used for loading cargo into an aeroplaneAir pallets used during international shipping are either wood or plastic, which meets international requirements. Food and beverage companies, publishing houses, and textile merchants are just a few businesses that employ these pallets. The worldwide pallet market reached USD 78 billion in 2020, and the prediction is that it will touch USD 110 billion by 2027.

Pallet costs are frequently the first factor a shipper considers when deciding whether to use pallets or floor-loaded crates. The decision to transport pallets depends on several variables. The speed and efficiency of installing air pallets are essential factors to check whether they can minimize the shipping air freight costs. Moreover, sustainable and reusable air pallets are other vital factors.

Here’s how plastic air pallets can optimize the shipping costs of air freight:

1. Air Pallets Make LoPallets make loading and unloading freight easierading And Unloading Much Easier

Whenever a shipment arrives at the port, the truck driver usually one hour free of cost. Unless other consignments happen at the same time, there is substantial time consumption looking for the port availability.


If the products are floor-flooded rather than freight services, the unloading process usually takes two hours and more. On the other hand, several smaller manufacturers will not manage pallets due to a lack of loading ports. They might have had the ability to handle the cargo rapidly and effectively into a ship.

2. Keeping The Goods Safe

Using plastic pallets is an excellent strategy to double-stack freight while protecting the lower part of a double-stack. The pallet assists in dispersing the load of the upper part, reducing the risk of serious harm to the products beneath. The freight staff responsible for wrapping packs the crate with enough goods to prevent it from shifting during the shipping due to ceilings and walls.

If there is extra room, they might add support to keep the container from falling. However, based on the type of shipping products, the double-stacking safety given by pallets can save air freight companies substantial time.

3. Variety Of Sizes

The pallets can accommodate every shipment size. Apart from wood pallets that are only available in one size, plastic pallets are available in numerous sizes. These pallets are vital for companies shipping products and goods too small for a regular pallet. While there is a standard pallet, many customized pallets can accommodate the dimensions of small-sized products.

It would be beneficial for companies to identify their products’ dimensional requirements before consulting air freight vendors about pallet requirements.

4. Occupy More Space In Crates

Since their main priority is not to pay extra money for spare space, many companies establish their boxes to fit properly in the carrier and maximize container space usage. Choosing whether to utilize pallets when transporting overseas depends on many factors. However, the main objective for both receivers and carriers is to deliver the goods safely in a single process.

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