Benefits Of Using Compressed Air Tools

The history of load lifting dates back to the times of Egyptian Pyramids where workers lifted heavy loads manually. The number of deaths and injuries during that time were infinite!

Unfortunately, in the current era of technology, there are a massive number of workplace incidents that occur due to manual handling of loads. The use of pneumatic lifting equipment is an economical solution for industries to eliminate the need for manual handling and boost productivity.

Let’s take a look at some benefits of using compressed air tools:

1. Ease of Use

Air-powered tools exploit compressed air for the purpose of lifting and transportation. This eliminates the need for heavy-duty internal motors. These tools are lighter and compact. They offer high ergonomics than conventional load-lifting equipment.

The machinery can be operated for prolonged durations without wearing out the operator. Their compact design allows them to lift heavy loads in areas with minimum operational footprint. There’s no need for manual labor in confined spaces anymore. All it requires is a plug-in to the air supply and you’re good to go!

2. Reliability

Pneumatic equipment has a simplified internal structure. The machine hconsists of a smaller number of parts as compared to electric or hydraulic equipment. This reduces the need for frequent maintenance. Electrical equipment has a high risk of electric shock in case of malfunctioning.

Air-powered machinery minimizes these risks. Industrial facilities that deal with combustive gases and high moisture content prefer the use of air-powered machinery as it eliminates the risk of electrocution.

3. Economical

They consume less power. Their spare parts are readily available and are far less expensive than conventional machinery. Machine parts that are in constant motion wear out quickly and require frequent maintenance. Since pneumatic machinery has stationary parts, they don’t wear out often.

4. Increased Productivity

Their ease of use, power, and versatility allows readily execution of complex processes. This is due to their easy operating process.

They’re an effective tool for industrial facilities seeking ways to maximize their production capacity and save on budgets.

5. High Operational Power

Pneumatic lifting equipment offers high operational power as compared to electric machinery. Their high torque enables faster operation. They’re also equipped with the option of speed control. The operator can adjust speed according to the process requirements.

Air-powered heavy load moving equipment is the preferred choice of business owners today. If you’re looking for reliable and cost-effective load-lifting equipment, get in touch with us. Our products utilize compressed air in a small volume and provide a safe and budget-friendly solution for your load management.

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