Hovair Super Kits Now Available - 16,000 Pounds Capacity



Many of our customers indicate to us that they would like assistance with getting our air caster modules underneath the loads and/or machinery they want to move. This is normally not too difficult to accomplish, but in certain circumstances some loads do have very little ground clearance, and not enough to slide our air caster modules underneath.

We have a great tool that can take care of virtually any type of loading difficulty that requires the load placed on air caster modules and other Hovair load moving equipment. All you need is a ground clearance of 1 inch and your problems are instantly solved.

Introducing the MatJack – air lifting bag – to our range of load moving equipment. The MatJack is terrific tool that can raise loads of up to 50 tons up off the floor. With the load suspended by the MatJack, you simply slide under your Hovair air caster modules until they are in the desired position. Deflate the MatJack and do the same for other caster modules that need placing.

The MatJack air lifting bag has become so popular with buyers of our standard air caster bearing kits, that we are introducing the Hovair Super Kit which has everything you need and INCLUDES a MatJack air lifting device, too.

Here’s what’s included in the Hovair Super Kit:

  • SAK-22Air Caster Bearing Kit – Weight capacity = 16,000 pounds (7,272 kgs).
  • RCK43 Remote Control Unit
  • Four air inlet ports – one for each air caster module.
  • Hose line assemblies with quick disconnect fittings: 2 x 25ft and 2 x 15ft.
  • 1 x 22NSG replacement air bearing.
  • All other fittings and hardware required for your Super Kit to work right out of the box.
  • Operator manual and Safety Advisories
  • Hovair Systems terrific after sales support – should you ever need it.
  • Big saving over standard items @ $750.


  • SAK-22 Air Caster Kit, Replacement Air Bearing Air Line Hoses, Quick Disconnect Fittings Operator Manual

  • MatJack Air Lifting Bag, Remote Deadman Air Line Hose

  • RCK43 Remote Control Unit with Hand Pendant

  • MatJack Operator Manual MatJack Kit Carrying Bag & Operator Manual

The Super Kit (SAK-22-4-Super Kit) includes all items as shown above, and represents a terrific saving of
over $750 on our normal individual prices of these items.