Mat jack products provide industry-leading solutions for heavy lifting & moving. Their abilities offer the perfect aid to many of our air handling devices. Hovair Systems Mfg. is a certified distributor of Matjack products.

Matjack’s versatile tools, like some of the best Matjack airbags for example, aid workers in many industries, including: manufacturing, heavy machine lifting, fire & rescue, and towing & recovery. These durable products can withstand high pressure, and will lift loads up to 86 tons.

High Pressure Lifting Bags

Lineup of Matjack high pressure lifting bags
  • – Variety to life loads between 1.5 – 86 tons.
  • – Aramid fiber reinforced
  • – Interlocking surface: limits slippage, aids stacking.
  • – Requires 1″ clearance, will lift machines, structures, and buildings.

Plastic Cribbing

recycled plastic cribbing products for rigging
  • – 100% recycled, non-slip textured construction.
  • – Stronger than wood: no cracks, splinters, or rot.
  • – Nearly indestructible with 50-year warranty.
  • – Various products for use in Fire & Rescue, mining, construction, and more.

Medium pressure lifting cushion

  • – At 15 psi 1 bar of pressure supports 35,000lbs.
  • – Kevlar/ Aramid fiber Neoprene construction.
  • – Provides height for lifting heavy tonnage.
  • – Uses volume to create lift.

Low Pressure Lifting Cushions

lineup of matjack low pressure lifting cushions
  • – Capacity range from 2.5 – 10 tons.
  • – Hypalon & Neoprene construction for durability and strength.
  • – 12 standard sizes, with custom sizing available.
  • – Weight capacity increases as cushion inflates.

Jumbo Turbo Safelift Recovery Cushions

Large Safelift recovery cushions inflating beneath tipped trailer
  • – First choice in Recovery efforts.
  • – Sloped & Flat top design to follow lifts.
  • – Never loses contact.
  • – Comes in set of 8 jumbos and 3 starters.

Landing Safelift Bags

Landing bags supporting an excavator underneath treads
  • – Each bag handles up to 40,000 lbs.
  • – “Catch” load, control rate of descent.
  • – Available in complete set or individually.
  • – Recovery & Uprights of tractor trailers and tracked equipment.

Custom Airbag Cushions

Custom air cushion by Matjack for heavy lifting
  • – Custom made to your specifications.
  • – cost effective and timely production.
  • – Custom bags built to resemble high pressure airbag quality.
  • – Custom cushions resemble low & medium pressure bags.

Matjack Demonstration

In this video we demonstrate how Matjack can be used to easily lift heavy loads. Once elevated, an air bearing can be placed underneath, and provide lifting power that will allow free movement across your facility.

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