Wheels and casters

Wheels & Casters Have Been Terrific Tools

But Is It Time For a Change?

Traditionally, loads of all shapes and sizes, and machines and other heavy objects, have been moved using either wheels or casters fitted to the underside of what was being moved. This used to work just fine for most folks. But in today’s busy industrial marketplace, we are finding much better ways to move these loads.

Air Casters May Be the Modern Alternative

Air Casters are small devices that work on the same concept of a hovercraft: the float across the floor surface. While hovercraft can travel over water as well as land, Air Casters are designed to operate in industrial factories and similar locations, where they can lift and moves their loads across the floor surface to their destination. And the best part about them is THEY WILL NOT DAMAGE YOUR FLOORS.

Here are some images of current air casters offered by Hovair Systems:

Wheels and Casters - Pneumatic are better
Wheels and Casters - Try Pneumatic from Hovair Systems

Above are square aluminum and round steel air casters. In standard mode using A-type bearings. Used  in groups of 4 or more, they provide lifting power that can pick loads form 1 to 100 tons with ease.

Above is a low profile air caster that is designed to slide under machines. In standard mode it has B-type bearings. Used in groups of four they provide formidable lifting power to move heavy machines.

Wheels and Casters - air powered from Hovair USA
Pneumatic Wheels and Casters from Hovair USA

Above are two diagrams of a typical load footprint as laid out ready for a load. They are both much same except for their shape difference. They are laid out in simple format and adjustments can be made.

From the formats shown above there are so many different types of load moving casters you could customize to suit you location and needs.

Air Powered Machine Rigging and Moving Equipment Will Make Moving Your Loads A BreezeWhile industrial load and machine moving generally involves cranes, pulleys and other similar traditional  tools, Hovair Systems offers a different viewpoint to lifting and moving heavy machines – by lifting them from below using top quality air casters to do the work for you. Air Casters are not only safe and easy to use, they are also very cost-effective when considering they can be used over and over again.

Hovair Systems are a leading air caster manufacturer and have over 40 years experience in machine moving via air caster systems.

Hovair Systems air bearing powered systems are designed to lift and move heavy loads and machines that are too heavy for conventional methods such as forklift trucks, overhead gantry and crane methods.

Air Powered Machine Rigging and Moving Equipment Will Make Moving Your Loads A BreezeAir powered (pneumatic) rigging and moving systems work in a series of four or more and lift your load away from the floor much the same as a Hovercraft. Our products use the same principle: air film technology.

Using our wide range of products you can now move rig, lift and move machines and loads of any shape, size or weight using just a little of the regular compressed air in your shop. These systems are so easy to use. Anyone can use them: guys, gals, even the boss.

We have a great range of starter kits available complete with all hoses and necessary fittings. When your load capacities grow, simply add a couple more modules to take the strain and it is business as usual.

You can move loads of up to 100 tons and more with virtually no effort at all.

Move your loads into places that a forklift truck or overhead crane just cannot get to. There is no limit to the tight spaces you can maneuver into.

Check out our main web site and look for the demo videos which will show you just how easy these systems are to use.

We would love to hear about your load moving need so why not contact us to chat about those needs and whether or not we can help you. No obligation whatsoever. Contact Us.

Click here to see a demo movie showing one man moving a heavy load of steel girders – with very little effort
Hovair Systems of Seattle are one of the leading air bearing manufacturers, and have over 40 years experience in providing load moving solutions to industry in USA, Canada and the rest of the world.

Here are some of the benefits to using Hovair Systems air casters:

  • Affordable, safe, and cost-effective
  • Will NOT damage floor surfaces
  • Uses only compressed air in your shop – no messy fuels or nightly charging
  • Can be permanently fixed to heavy machinery for quick and easy machine moving
  • Available in lightweight aluminum or round steel formats
  • Height profiles as low as 1¼” – modules easily slide under most loads
  • Terrific backup and support service by Hovair Systems management

These great systems are in use all across the world and are making life so much easier for their owners. Ask Boeing, Hewlett Packard, Pilkington, Lockheed Martin – all companies that use them daily.
Click here to see more demo movies and a great product line that can take care of all your load moving needs”>