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What are air casters

Air casters are devices that are popular in the load moving and the material handling industries. They generally take the place of other load moving devices, such as wheels, mechanical casters, metal casters, rollers, pallet trucks and similar other load moving devices.

Air casters are, as their name suggests, powered by compressed air, and used in series of four or more to move heavy machines and large loads between various points in their particular industrial environment. That is their main function and what they do.

Air casters are made up of several components before they can be considered finished air caster modules and ready to start work for their owners.

When air casters are energized with compressed air at around 90 psi (6.2BAR), the result is a very powerful device that can move loads of many tons. This is ideal in industrial locations where moving heavy machines and transformers up to 50 tons is a regular occurrence.

An additional benefit is that air powered casters do not damage your floors in any way, shape or form. The loads you place on air casters is floated by the casters across the floor surface without the load actually touching the floor, thus no damage to floors.

An air caster is generally referred to as a finished load module that is included in an air caster load moving system. They include a fitted air bearing as described in air bearings systems.

A finished air caster includes the air bearing as well as an air flow distribution valve and is all ready to be incorporated into an air caster load moving system. Shown below is a diagram of how an air caster is assembled prior to being fitted to the bottom of the load module.

Aircasters are used in series of four or six and assembled into a load moving system via air line hoses, valves, tee-pieces and other hardware. See below, right.

An air caster kit system is powered by compressed air (pneumatic) and when in operation the system has a load or machine placed upon it and is floated by the air bearings on the floor surface, thus allowing the system to float across the floor surface taking the load with it.

This form of load moving is known as air film technology.

There are many variables that can make up an air caster system. Weight capacities can range from ½ ton thru 100 tons.

Finished air casters can be fitted with standard A-type, B-type and VL-type air bearings.

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