Rigging Equipment

Above you can see a typical footprint layout for rigging purposes using air casters to float machines instead of lifting them. This process is very SAFE and easy to use.

Hovair Systems has been supplying Rigging Companies all over the USA, Canada, and Central America with air powered rigging equipment and supplies for many years.

No Rigging Company should be without a Hovair air caster machine moving system in addition to the traditional rigging practices of chains and pulleys, etc. Hovair Systems has been able to offer an added dimension to the Rigger’s Toolbox… air powered lifting and handling equipment which is specifically designed to assist with the heavier loads… the heavy machines, heavy machinery, heavy objects, that usually present any rigging team with a challenge or two.

Rigging Equipment & Tools
Hovair Systems have a terrific selection of rigging equipment that should be in the toolbox of any rigging company. Air caster load moving equipment is a popular choice. Air casters are available in kit form and can be set up right out of the box for the rigger. Starting at weight capacities of one ton, they can range to take care of machines that weigh 50 tons or more. Hovair has a solution for any heavy machines that riggers need to move.

Rigging & Lifting Equipment
Hovair Systems has a wide range of rigging and lifting equipment available to rigging companies in today’s marketplace. As time and new technology arrives and moves on, there has not yet been anything to challenge the process of lifting and moving heavy machines on a thin film of air just above the floor surface. This is definitely the most cost-effective way of lifting and handling any heavy machinery you are being asked to work on.

Rigging Safety
Hovair Systems are top of the list when it comes to Safety in the Workplace. We constantly remind the operators of our equipment to closely follow the safety regulations of their company before they start work. We also throw in some good safety advice of our own for good measure. Before using any rigging equipment these days, you should always check your company’s safety regulations.

However, all Hovair Systems’ products are pneumatically driven (with compressed air) and the operation process only causes the machine that is being lifted to rise no more than 1-inch above the ground. There is nothing much safer than moving a load sitting an inch or so off the ground. However, compressed air in itself is a safety hazard and Hovair Systems makes note of this in all their operator manuals.

Pneumatic Powered Lifting and Handling
As previously stated, virtually all Hovair Systems load moving products are operated and fueled with compressed air. They need no other power source. This makes them so easy to use and operate. All products are versatile and modular making them the ideal lifting and handling tools for today’s modern rigging company.

The perfect complement to your arsenal of rigging tools and equipment – a Hovair Systems air bearing kit.

We have a great range of starter kits available complete with all hoses and necessary fittings. No additional extras to worry about and no worries about having the right hoses sizes and connections…everything you need in one easy package. The perfect solution for any rigging company.

Or we can supply kits that fit directly and permanently to your machinery. To move that 10-ton machine you simply plug in your airline and take it away. It really is that simple.

The top picture shows a typical air bearing and caster kit, with high lift bearings onboard, a remote control unit for central air flow control, and all necessary fittings. The caster modules of this kit are very thin and have a profile height of around 1ž inches – enabling them to slide under machines with low height clearance.

The bottom picture is of a typical round steel system that is designed to have the caster modules fitted directly to the machine itself. This is a tremendous tool for situations where machinery has to moved repetitively. Leave the modules permanently fixed to the machine and simply plug in your air line and move it instantly

You can move loads of up to 100 tons and more with virtually no effort at all.