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Machine moving and rigging

Probably, one of the hardest tasks for any rigging or machine moving company is to be able to rig the machine so that it can be easily lifted and moved to a different location.

For many rigging companies, Hovair Systems machine rigging equipment is the tool of choice for completing such moves.

Machine moving and rigging equipment is available in weight capacities from 1 ton thru 100 tons and beyond. Hovair’s rigging equipment consists of air powered machine-moving air casters that are able to make the job so much easier. Air casters are powered pneumatically (with compressed air) and require no other form of power source to get the job done. Air casters incorporate a suitable size and weight capacity air bearing and it is this air bearing that causes most thing to happen. Below are a couple of air casters to illustrate this process:

Machine Moving & Rigging with Air Casters – Round or Square Machine Rigging with Air Casters – Round or Square Above you can see images of both round steel and square aluminum air casters with valves, and their undersides showing the incorporated air bearing unit.Also shown here is a typical square aluminum air caster kit system which comes complete with all components, valves, etc., that will be needed to set up the system. Next you can see a typical air caster system footprint ready to accept a square shaped machine for lifting and moving.


Air Caster Kiit Systems for Machine Rigging Typical square aluminum air caster profile ready to accept load.

If you have a machine that you need to move, there is very little better that can handle all aspects of the move than Machine Moving and Rigging Equipment by Hovair Systems.

Hovair Systems has been lifting and moving heavy machines all over the world for over 40 years. The bigger they are, the better the equipment likes it.

Hovair machine moving equipment is driven pneumatically by compressed air. That’s it! That’s all you need. No electricity, gas, propane or any other form of power source. Compressed air is all you need to power these tremendous lifting casters that will make the lifting and moving process so much easier for you.


Delicate machine moving is our specialty Air Casters Rigging – Large or Small we can move them all.

With the machine safely on board the air caster modules, it is now ready to be moved as shown here above. Here are two machines that are all rigged up and ready to be moved. One is a small one that is going to a clean room application and the other is a large caterpillar machine being moved for testing.

Hovair Systems machine moving equipment is probably the best and easiest way to move heavy machines and loads. Oh yes! They will not and cannot damage your floor surfaces as the machines do not actually touch the floor. They are suspended in a state of flotation and are very safe to use. The machine cannot fall off or topple.

When in operation, Hovair’s machine moving equipment can lift, move and place your machines or other heavy loads with pin-point accuracy down to a sixteenth of an inch, and even into the narrowest of gaps.

This form of load moving is known as air film technology.

Machine Moving & Rigging Equipment