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Lifting device machine handling moving


Machine handling and moving is an integral part of operations in today’s industrial marketplace. Rigging companies are set up just for this very purpose: machine handling and moving. There are many lifting devices available to do this type of job, but none as as efficient, capable and effective as Air Skates and Casters.

Air skates and casters are pneumatically powered lifting devices that are capable of lifting, moving and handling machines up to 100 tons and beyond. Above, there are two examples of machine handling and moving using air powered devices.

Hovair Systems is a leading manufacturer in the field of Machine Handling and Moving and has been involved in developing the air film concept for over 40 years.

Hovair has a full range of air casters and skates that lift, move and handle machinery right up to 100 tons and beyond. This equipment is also widely used in the Rigging Industry to move around heavy machines during installation.

If you have smaller machines that need moved around, Hovair’s range starts for machines weighing as little as 1 ton and all weights in excess of this. There is virtually no machine that Hovair Systems machine handling and moving equipment cannot handle.


Shown above is a small delicate machine that is being moved for use in a clean room situation. To the left is a typical air caster foot print that is place under the machine prior to moving. This is not too difficult a process and Hovair’s easy-to-use machine handling and moving equipment ensures that the machine is moved to its new location with pin-point accuracy in positioning.

Lifting Safety is assured. Most machinery that is lifted by Hovair Systems equipment is handled in a smooth lifting motion from a ground clearance to enable the machine to be lifted sufficiently to cause air flotation to take place and allow the machine to be moved as planned. Lift height is always going to be minimal depending on what type of air bearings are being used for the operation. The machines are quite safe when being moved by Hovair Systems machine handling and moving equipment.