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Air Bearing Systems

Air Bearing Systems are essentially machine moving (and other load moving) equipment that have been designed to lift and move heavy machines within industrial premises around the world.

Air bearing systems are actually a set of air casters set up as shown to the right. Each air caster consists of several components which are fitted before it can be deemed a finished air caster.

One such component is an air bearing which is fitted to the underside of each air caster. The air bearing is the actual driving force part of air casters. Assuming for now though, they are air bearing systems. See image right.

Air bearings systems are a series of air casters and bearings that are assembled to form various types of load moving and machinery moving systems.

The word Air denotes that they are powered by compressed air (pneumatic) and use air film technology to cause them to operate.

Air bearings systems is selection of air bearings and modules that are assembled together using air hoses, tee-pieces, air manifold or air ball valve.

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There are many variables that can make up an air bearings system. Weights can range from ½ ton thru 100 tons. Several air module types are available to produce an air bearings system of choice.