CLICK HERE TO CONTACT US         All of our air bearing and load module systems can be controlled via an optional remote control unit. Remote control units make it very easy to adjust individual air bearings - increase/decrease air pressure - from one central location without the need to go to each module in turn to make adjustments.Remote control units have a main shop compressed air inlet and corresponding air pressure gauge, and individual inlets and air pressure gauges for each load module in your system - usually four or six. Shown to the right is a typical square aluminum air bearing kit supplied with RC remote control unit, hand-held pendant and all necessary air supply hoses. Please note: Remote controls are an optional extra - except on the Low Profile B-type Air Bearing Kit system.

Click the link for comprehensive information on all types of air bearings: Air Bearing Configurations

Our support team is always ready to answer questions on air bearing and air caster load moving systems. Please don't hesitate to contact us for fast, friendly, and no obligation info to suit your needs and specs. Or call us on our toll-free number - (800) 237-4518.

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