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CLICK HERE TO CONTACT US!      B-type Air Bearings                                                                                                                                                                 Hovair B-type air bearings are designed to lift loads vertically off their base, then move laterally across floor surfaces to their destination, then dropped into position. They function the same as A-type bearings, but lift two to three times as much when pressurized.Cross-section of a B-type air bearing.The three stages of a B-type air bearingBenefits of using b-type air bearings include:
  • B-type bearings consist of a two-piece vulcanized body that is glued to an aluminum backing plate. This rubber diaphragm can give a relatively high lift and operates at higher air pressure.
  • B-type bearings are preferred where low collapsed height, high lift, and capacity per square inch are more important than wear, stability, and air consumption efficiency.
  • Glued assemblies are repairable when compared to other air bearings that are vulcanized or riveted to the backing plate
  • Superior lift height over the A-type bearing. The B-type bearing is able to lift a load up to three times the lift height of the A-type bearing, thus making it possible to engage a load using a "lift & pick" movement similar to a regular pallet truck.
  • B-type bearings stabilize at 30 psi instead of 15 psi. This enables load capacities of double the A-type bearing for the same size air bearing, but requires three times the air consumption.
  • B-type bearings are also available for air pallets, platform transporters, and air beams. These products offer a broad selection when choosing the right bearing for the job.

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