LOCAL COMPANY MOVES YOUR HEAVY LOAD FOR BIG SAVINGS  Hovair Systems and Mfg., based in Seattle WA. , has opened a local office in Atlanta, and for a limited time, they offering to move your heavy equipment, machinery or finished goods ( up to 10,000 pounds) for free. This offer is available to the first 25 companies that call to schedule  a move, and is limited to 1 piece moved per customer.  Hovair specializes in moving heavy loads up to 2 million pounds, and uses a technology developed in conjunction with GM to make your heavy load float on a cushion of air.  Their clients include NASA, Lockheed, the Georgia Aquarium, Toyota, the University of Arizona, Tesla, and hundreds of others.  The president  and CEO of Hovair, Ron Benman says, “Our technology is far superior to the conventional methods used to move heavy loads.  By floating the load on a cushion of air, we reduce the effective weight of any load by 99.5%, which results in  an easier, safer and more efficient process.  When we developed this technology with GM, they already had forklifts, tow motors and every kind of rigging equipment available to them.  But they still saw the value and flexibility of using hovering technology.”