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Please note: Hovair Air powered (pneumatic) machine and load moving equipment are often referred to differently throughout various parts of the world. The most popular term is air casters. However, they are also referred to as: air bearings, air skates, air sleds, air skids, air pads, air cushions, and one or two more. Basically speaking they are pretty much all one and the same. They all do the same thing in the same way, they are just called different names in different countries. Here we will try to cover all references for visitors that are looking for information in their own terminology.

Air Film Technology

What is air film technology

Air Casters

Air casters systems - machine moving and load moving systems

What is an air caster

What are air casters

What is an air caster load module

What air pressure (psi - bar) is required to run an air caster system

What is SCFM in regard to air casters

How much SCFM do I need for an air caster system

How many air casters are there in a load moving system

How many air casters can I run at the same time

Why would I need more air casters

Why would I need less air casters

Air Bearings

Air bearings systems

What is an air bearing and how does an air bearing work

What is an air bearing load pad

What is an air bearing diaphragm

How are air bearings powered

Will air bearings work anywhere

What types of air bearing are there

A-type air bearings - when to use

B-type air bearings - when to use

B-type air bearings - low profile, high lift - when to use

VL-type air bearings - when to use

Why are there so many different types of air casters

Are air bearings easy to replace into air casters

Air Control & Operation

How are air bearings controlled

What are air flow control valves

What are air bearings needle valves

Are air casters safe to use

Is there any special training required to use air casters

How do I learn to use an air caster system

Can female workers operate air casters

What are remote control boxes for air caster system

Do remote control boxes help to drive an air caster system

Air Skates

Air skates machine moving systems

What are air skates

Air skates lifting equipment

Air skates load moving equipment

Industrial skates

Air Sleds

What are air sleds


Air Cushions

What are air cushions

Air Skids

What are air cushions

Air Pads

What are air cushions


Material Handling Equipment

Material handling equipment

Material handling systems

Material handling systems and solutions

Lifting & Load Handling

Lifting and handling equipment

Lifting and handling systems

Lifting device machine handling moving

Lifting heavy machinery

Load handling and moving equipment

Load handling systems

Load moving equipment

Handling (equipment)

Handling and moving equipment

Handling equipment tools

Heavy equipment moving

Heavy lifting equipment

Heavy load lifting and handling

Industrial lifting devices

Moving and handling equipment

Moving loads made easy

Pneumatic load handling

Pneumatic systems equipment

Wheels and casters

Machine Handling & Moving

Heavy machinery moving equipment

Industrial machine moving equipment

Industrial machinery lifting and moving

Machine handling and moving

Machine and machinery skates

Machine moving and rigging

Machine moving equipment

Machine moving skates

Machinery moving equipment

Machinery skates

Machine skates

Machine skates and lifting equipment

Machine rigging equipment

Moving milling machines


Rigging Equipment & Supplies

Rigging equipment

Machine rigging equipment













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